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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ireland GP practices have been put under tremendous strain. That's why MedVault & GPbuddy have created and built a number of free COVID tools to help. At the onset of COVID we worked with Dr Knut Moe to create to help GP practices easily triage COVID patients. We then create the COVID STC finder and Tag,Search & Claim tools to help manage the new and improtant COVID STCs (CA, CB, and CD). Given the upcoming COVID vaccine rollout by GP practices we have now created an automatic patient listing tool to help you easily identify the patients (plus associated contact details) that require a COVID vaccine.

List of Free Tools & How They Work

COVID Vaccine Patient Listing
This tool creates a simple patient contact list for the upcoming COVID vaccines. We have made it super easy to filter the list based on the rollout criteria and the list also automatically updates daily to remove patients that have received a vaccine. This means you don't have to create any custom reports or run them on a manual basis. The tool makes it very easy to filter patients based on age so you can focus on the over 80s to begin with and adjust as needed. In the case of a vaccine shortage or with the patients under 65 you may need to prioritise patients based on medical condition. Again we have made it very easy for you to filter patients based on their ICPC2 & ICD10 coding. The patient output is in the form of a simple table which you can export to excel at any point. View quick summary video here.
This website can help you to more easily triage COVID patients by getting them to fill out a simple screening form. Each practice is allocated their own individual screening form and link which they can easily provide to their patients. This can drastically reduce the telephone waiting times for patients and also reduce the admin work for staff. Full credit to Dr Knut Moe for creating this solution.

Tag, Search & Claim Tool - COVID STCs
The COVID STCs have been the lifeblood of many practices for the past year, but managing and claiming these STCs is not simple. We created a tool so that you and your team can use appointment types or unique terms in your consultation notes to easily tag, search and claim your COVID STCs. By using a simple unique term (e.g COVID**) in your notes it makes it super easy to identify consultations or telephone calls to be claimed. Simply enter the term click search and our system will create a concise list of all instance to be claimed. View quick summary video here.

If you are interested in getting access to these free tool simply click the buttom below. Deployment of the tools takes only 10mins and can be done remotely at anytime of the day that suits. All infrastructure and analysis meet the highest levels of security and data compliance. The COVID tools will be free indefinitely with the hope that it displays to users the potential power and value of the full MedVault platform and tools which you can also try for free for up to 30 days with no lock-in or risk.